Women of Influence

One of my favourite movies is Hidden Figures, about the amazing African-American women engineers and mathematicians behind the NASA space race. I watched the movie in awe and envy of their amazing minds, their courage and the impact they made despite the prejudice of the time.

This photo is of my Mum and me, taken recently at the Three Sisters lookout in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. In comparison with those NASA women, we’re pretty average. Our minds are clever but forgetful, I’m a bit scared of heights, and our names won’t be on any buildings.

Nonetheless, we are making an impact in our small world, with each action, each decision, and each connection to another person. We have been influencing our family and friends and associates without even realising. What a responsibility!

Some days I’m grumpy and have a big fail, but most days I just want to leave the world a bit better than I found it. That might be helping clients with their business, or it might be instilling values in my own children.

On International Women’s Day, I’d like to thank the Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s, the Edith Cowan’s, the Katherine Goble’s and the many amazing women who have changed all sorts of things for the better.

I also want to recognise all the ‘average’ women out there doing their bit too. 😊