Who Needs a Coach?

My favourite sport is tennis. I’ve played it since I was a kid(bottom left in the photo). Yet I am far from perfect at the sport. Recently I attended a group coaching session with a few friends. No matter what age I am, and how much I have played, I always walk away from a coaching session with at least one ‘take-away’ to put into practice.

A coach is another pair of eyes, who sees me from a perspective I will never have.

When we have group coaching sessions, the coach facilitates improvement in the way we play individually and as a team. They run the session and get us to focus on essential elements of our game, something we can’t possibly do during a match, and never manage to get around to even during a practice hit.

Our challenge then is remembering to put this into practice next time we are playing a match, and not just fall into our old habits. Before starting a game, I try to recall what I learned and then “give it a go”, knowing I might not execute perfectly, but also knowing mastery comes from practice.

Do you have a coach?