What’s Old is New Again!

If you’re as ‘wise’ as me, you’ll remember terry towelling from the 70’s! Some of you will hold it with warm regard as a soft and comfortable fabric, others will shudder at the memory of childhood fashion faux pas inflicted on them by their parents.

What a great practical fabric terry towelling is, but I was quite amused to find it everywhere this summer, especially as souvenir matching outfits! You can be assured that I did not purchase the pictured items.

Over the past 3 years, I have been studying and researching management and leadership. Reflecting on my many years in the industry, I realise that leadership themes have advanced significantly, acceptable behaviours have changed dramatically, and yet some of the foundational skills are still essential.

It is a great relief that barking orders to staff is not commonly practiced any more, however inappropriate situations (think military combat) it may still be employed.

In large corporates where there is a focus on leadership training, we might see a modern approach such as ‘leaders as coaches’, but in my experience, small to medium organisations often promote managers who have had no training at all.

Where this is the case, foundational skills in communication and problem-solving can bring positive influence and effectiveness. These skills might sound old-fashioned, but Flanagan & Gregory call them Forever Skills.

What other ‘old-fashioned’ skills are you finding relevant in 2024?