– Move from reactive problem solving to proactive –


This training is invaluable for technical or operational team members and leaders.

Essential if you are tasked with Incident Management or Investigations.

Great for staff in customer-facing roles and those responding to customer issues.

Designed for anyone required to resolve problems and identify better ways of working.


PROBLEM SOLVING – From Incident to Innovate

One of the most sought-after skills according to World Economic Forum data (Jan 2016) continues to be Complex Problem Solving. Leaders are not only seeking this in new hires, but they are also ‘building-in’ these skills by training existing staff.

Critical thinking goes alongside problem solving, and studies show that these are learned skills that are invaluable across all industries and sectors including finance, engineering, manufacturing, construction and more.

Problem Solving can be reactive or proactive. Reactive problem-solving waits until a problem arises, and results in costly down-time, with staff tied up in investigations, meetings and report writing. The costs are not only from lost productivity but can also be reputational from dissatisfied customers or from poor safety statistics.

When companies and individuals develop a proactive approach to problem solving, they begin to anticipate potential problems through monitoring of trends and identification improvement opportunities. 

Innovation is the ultimate in problem solving when companies proactively look for better ways to do things, not because there is a problem but because they seek conscious improvement.

No matter what the role a person plays in an organisation, the ability to think critically and apply simple problem-solving techniques allows the individual to resolve daily issues as they arise, and aid teams in resolving bigger issues that may affect productivity, quality or safety. Training the team together to use the same techniques and terminology makes problem solving part of the vernacular and embeds it in the culture for the team.

Are your team members skilled problem-solvers? Is there a culture of problem solving in your organisation? It might be time your organisation focuses on up-skilling teams for effective problem solving.


  • Understand the principles of problem solving
  • Learn a 3-step approach that can be applied to solving problems that arise
  • Build confidence to identify and resolve issues before they become incidents
  • Know how to apply these tools to resolve incidents
  • Create a common problem-solving approach across the team or organisation
  • Develop critical thinking skills


  • Run over 1 day in-person or 4 x 90 minute online sessions, with time to participate, share and practice.
  • During the course we combine key principles from a number of well-known problem-solving techniques to identify a simple 3 step approach for your business.
  • Using practical activities, we implement the 3 steps during the course to embed and reinforce understanding.
  • Attendees can bring your own problem as a live example to work on during the training.



  • A toolbox of techniques to draw upon
  • Confidence to lead problem solving and investigations in the workplace
  • Ability to identify and resolve issues when they arise
  • Practical ideas for implementation at your workplace
  • Improve quality and productivity using the techniques learned
  • Attain sought after skills across industry


Time:  1 day in-person or 4 x 90 mins online

Price: Group booking $5000 + GST (8 attendees)

Dates: Email or click below to book for your team

and enquire about upcoming public courses.


Make it part of your leadership development!

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