for technical, trades and emerging leaders

– Move from being an Implementer to an Influencer –


This training is for anyone new to management, aspiring to management, or for current managers who would like to hone their leadership skills.

  • Worried that you’re not strategic enough? Struggle with the ‘big picture’?
  • Lacking confidence when communicating with others? Not being taken seriously?
  • Overloaded and overwhelmed because you can’t get others to step up?
  • Perhaps you’d like to be more strategic in your thinking, move from being the technical expert to become influential within your company, or transition from ‘doing it all yourself’ to leading others.

This course helps technical and operational managers become the organisational shapers they need to be to take their teams and their company forward and deliver business success.


  • Improve personal productivity to eliminate overwhelm
  • Develop strategic thinking, influencing and communication skills to lead yourself and lead others
  • Become more strategic in your planning and communicating
  • Be a better problem solver
  • Learn how to engage and inspire others to deliver a great team culture and results
  • Discover how to get senior management to listen


  • Insights into yourself as leader
  • Skills for managing tasks and managing people
  • Practical ideas to implement in the workplace
  • A more strategic approach to leadership
  • Being a more effective leader within the organisation
  • A boost for your career as a leader
  • Free book for all attendees


Delivered over 4 weeks covering 4 core modules:

1. From Overload to Leading Yourself

– so you can lead others

– you can’t get more hours in the day but you can change where you focus

– personal productivity & emotional intelligence

2. From Frustrated to Influencing for Good

– you don’t have to raise your voice or talk til you’re blue in the face

– communicating upwards & outwards

– setting standards

3. From Overwhelm to Making a Difference

– stop firefighting and understand how what you’re doing fit in the big picture

– seeing the big picture, thinking strategically

– problem solving

4. From Feeling Unsupported to Being Inspired

– bringing your team along for the journey

– team tactics & introducing feedback

– your leadership system

What they say about Lauren’s leadership training

“I was shown some useful tips and got some great tools to use in my job as well as personally”

What did you love — “The amount of information provided and the team activities and not just sitting there trying to absorb.”

“…was extremely useful for me personally. Allowed the opportunity to reflect, identify the good and the bad and plan for the next year. It has really driven some great conversations and initiatives already.”

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