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Are you a CEO, MD, HR Manager, Team Leader:

  • Questioning if your leaders are equipped with the skills and techniques to manage themselves and lead their teams effectively?
  • Witnessing the same recurring problems?
  • Concerned how overwhelmed your people are when things go wrong?

Lauren’s Training Expertise

As a professional trainer, Lauren has delivered training for certification bodies and training organisations, and directly to public and professional markets.

For much of the last decade Lauren has been working with leaders in the Compliance and Executive levels of industry and has witnessed first-hand the issues they face, including the need for a more strategic approach to planning, a better understanding of risk, refined communication of issues and priorities, and broader capabilities for complex problem solving.

Lauren’s training enables attendees to elevate their capability, allowing them to work to their best ability and open opportunities for career advancement.

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Training Packages

By upskilling your team, you will empower them to work to their best potential. Problem solving, leadership skills and risk management are continually sought after by CEOs worldwide.

These three areas are identified as essential training for empowering your team by raising capability. Training packages are tailored to the organisation and leaders can choose from the following:


Problem solving skills are the most sought after by employers according to World Economic Forum data. There is a myriad of techniques available for problem solving yet few people use these effectively to improve they way they do business.

Not only for responding to problems that arise, Problem Solving skills are used to anticipate and prevent issues before they arise, and when everyone is talking the same language these same skills will drive innovation across the organisation.



All organisations, no matter whether private, government or not-for-profit have one thing in common – they all take risk to achieve their goals.

Unfortunately, too many organisations either don’t have any formal approach to considering the risks they are taking, or they utilise forms of risk management that are below par. That is, they are not in line with the principles and guidelines of better practice as defined in AS ISO 31000.

The purpose of the course is to provide you with the requisite knowledge to design, implement and operate enterprise risk programs for the successful management of organisational risk.

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