Team Tactics

Recently during a Masterclass I was running on Leadership Essentials, we were talking about some of the ways Leaders engage their teams. We talked about how they set the standards, they set the direction, and they also set the tone.

Setting standards

If you’re managing or leading a team, they are watching you, even when they aren’t. If you turn up late, they will start to turn up late. If you take risks, they will start to take risks. If you wear a suit, they’ll wear a suit, or if you wear a t-shirt, they’ll wear a t-shirt. Like ducklings following the mother duck, they will copy you to learn how to behave and follow the standards that you set. Decide what standards are right for your company.

Setting the Direction

We discussed an interesting statistic 95% of employees do not understand their organisations strategy! Too often managers expect their teams to implement a plan and deliver on a strategy that they know nothing about. Following a 90day planning cycle involving your team means they cant not know.

Setting the Tone

The tone of an organisation could also be described as the culture. I challenged attendees of the masterclass to praise their team and other people in their respective organisations. I also encouraged them to have a growth mindset, by actively seeking feedback that they might not like. Increasing positive and negative feedback and being open to growth as individuals and as teams is uncomfortable at first, but can really change the tone of an organisation.

Ready? Set. Go!