Take Risks

Last week, I watched on the TV news as 4 teenage boys were rescued from the rocks after jumping into a blow hole. One of the boys was injured, and the surf was so big that the local surf lifesavers couldn’t reach them by boat.

They sent one lifesaver (a teenage girl) into the water to swim from the boat across to the rocks to carry out the rescue, and everyone survived relatively unscathed. (Though I do hope those teenage boys had sore backsides once their parents found out what they did!)

Meanwhile on the other side of the world in the Republic of Korea, the Youth Winter Olympic Games has just closed. Teenage Australians have been risking their lives in crazy stunts wearing snowboards and skis, competing in the Big Air events.

Different Approaches to Risk-Taking

What’s the difference between jumping off a cliff into the ocean, and performing a big air ski or snowboard jump? If things go wrong, both rely on authorities to ‘rescue’ them and there is potential for serious injury.

The difference is in the conscious decision-making and preparation that goes before taking the risk.

Business is full of risks. You won’t succeed without taking some, and you can’t guarantee there won’tbe injuries along the way. When strategizing and planning, make sure you’ve thought through the potential scenarios so you’re ready if things don’t go quite to plan.