Systems Amplify Us

This week I have been in New Zealand, talking about how small businesses face a growth hump before they can become medium businesses, and also how medium businesses face a similar hump on their way to becoming large businesses. Looking around the countryside here, there are lots of hills and humps to be traversed if we want to get from place to place.

I went for a short run the other morning. My instinct was to avoid the hills, and of course, I could stay put to avoid the effort of going uphill, but each time I reached the crest of a hill, I was building my fitness, and the run down the other side was easier and faster. Next time I go for a run, hills the same size will be more manageable.

Systems can enhance a company’s muscle in the same way. So often we run around being very busy, but when we systemise a step or a process, it makes it easier and faster to deliver consistency and predictability.

ISO management systems are not what they were in the 90s when they were document-heavy, paper-based drags on a company’s productivity. Quite the contrast, they are all about identifying risks and managing them for greater success. If your systems are slowing you down, then they are not delivering what you need.

Your systems should enhance your speed, amplify your ability, and make your life easier.

Are you running in hiking boots or in joggers?