Risky Leadership

This week, I have been attending the RMIA’s Risk Conference 2024 #RMIA2024. Now you might think risk could be a bit dry and boring, but so far I’ve had some big belly laughs, some passionate conversations, and joined in a mass meditation! Very engaging!

Turns out risk is all about delivering our organisation’s success, and we can do that through informed and impactful leadership. If leadership (boards, executives, owners) aren’t across their business risks, then they are not adequately planning to deliver their company objectives nor build resilient organisations.

During the conference, I attended some fabulous sessions on Business Continuity Planning, Enterprise Risk Management, Sustainability, and Climate Change, but it was the recurring themes of leadership skills that caught my attention. As leaders (junior and senior), we need key skills to make an impact and make a difference not only in risk but whatever our role.

Two leadership skills that kept popping up as #essentialleadership were:

  • Communicate effectively
  • Focus our attention

The first gives us the ability to influence decision-making, and the second gives us greater productivity and subsequently happiness.

In 2 of my upcoming 4 masterclasses, I will be covering these topics, and now I have even more exciting examples to share with you!

Looking forward to seeing you there.