Racetrack or 4WD

They say the way you drive says a lot about you. No idea if that’s true, but I’m sure it hints of truth, and if you’re not into cars I think you’ll still follow this analogy.

Do you sometimes feel like you’re living your life in a racing car — driving very fast, but essentially going round and round in circles? There’s a thrill to speed; overtaking others, braking briefly on corners, and then accelerating out of the bend and flooring it on the straight. But when you finish the race, you’re essentially back where you started.

Let’s think about a different driving style for a moment. Many of us drive the big four-wheel drive, and for those who have taken it off-road, they get to experience new sights and sounds in places others can’t access.

Four-wheel driving can be rugged and sometimes slow, but the rewards can be remarkable. There are thrills associated with reaching places that are unattainable for the average tourist, thrills of exploring the new, and meeting the challenge of the terrain.

Now 4WD-ing is not for everyone either, but my point is this. If you don’t want to spend your life going round in circles, maybe it’s time to change tyres and set a destination. Take off the slicks and plot a route that takes you off the racetrack and onto the highway.