Quality Mindset

Does your company have a ‘quality mindset’? Are your people focused on customer satisfaction and getting things right first time. The benefits of a quality mindset within an organisation are innumerable.

You might want to move from constant rework to ‘right first time’, or perhaps from product failures to product durability, or to eliminate errors and introduce consistency in the services you offer. No matter what business you are in, you want to turn customer complaints into customer satisfaction.

A quality management system gives a company the structure to measure performance and drive improvement based on results. A quality mindset is essential for implementing the system. Your people need to understand what quality means in your company, the reasons behind it, and the benefits from it so that they can embrace the changes required.

Essential to implementing a quality management system is training your leaders and your teams in how they contribute to the quality output of your organisation. Even if they are not customer facing, they all have a part to play, and need a quality mindset.