Risk Workshops

– A resilient business anticipates issues before they become showstoppers –


Senior management teams and business owners who are looking for better insight into how to achieve business goals

Let’s be honest, no one likes a surprise, particularly an unpleasant one.

And some organisations were better prepared for the effects of the recent pandemic than others. Why is that?

Risk management is not only about health and safety, it is also about understanding what could stop your business achieving strategic goals, and what must happen to deliver on them.

A well-prepared and facilitated risk workshop is invaluable use of a senior leader’s time. Risk workshops provide insight to senior management for better decision making.


  • Prework using Risk Analysis tools

  • Agreement of risk criteria

  • Compilation and consolidation of risks

  • Assessment of risks

  • Final review workshop

  • Documented risk profile


Identify potential risks to business survival and to the success of current business

Explore solutions to current and newly identified challenges

Decisions and actions to deliver success


Lauren Jones is a facilitator, trainer and expert in helping leaders build sustainable businesses, with over 30 years of experience working with C level executives, business owners and leaders. Her experience specialising in strategic facilitation, skills development, systems implementation and continual improvement for organisations has increased clarity and focus on outcomes, built efficiency and increased profitability with her clients.

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Over the past decade, Lauren has facilitated numerous risk workshops and has designed and implemented risk management programs for organisations across diverse industries such as construction, infrastructure and manufacturing. She is a trainer for the RMIA (Risk Management Institute of Australia) Enterprise Risk Management course.

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