Perfect Date

A professor from Deakin University was speaking recently about the perfect date. She was quoting research which tells us that if a couple work together on a project while dating (think Escape Room, camping, cooking together) this can be a great indicator of long-term success in the relationship. It seems that planning the activity, carrying it out and resolving issues that arise during it, are all indicative of a good match.

Working as a Team

Love matches are not my area of expertise, but it got me thinking about teams at work, and how involving the team in setting their own objectives and corresponding actions builds the team, aligns individuals with team and company priorities and enhances results by focusing efforts on agreed improvements.

In a time when staff are changing companies more than they have for years, creating connection and commitment within your team can also bring stability.

A team strategy session therefore brings these benefits:

✔️ clear objectives,

✔️ shared reason for being a team, and

✔️ ownership which comes from the opportunity for contribution.