People Grow

I read something interesting this week — it is in the rest after the workout that we grow.

It was written in the context of work and creativity, though we could imagine the same applying to an athlete. It was suggesting that intense periods of focused work followed by a break will result in more effective output than extended durations of hard slog.

Do you always work long hours? Ask yourself why, and question how much of that time is actually productive.

When I was a school student, I typically left my homework until the last minute. I needed to feel the pressure of a deadline to motivate me to put in the effort. I’m pretty sure there are many people who live their entire lives like that.

Do you feel like you are always chasing a deadline, leaving things to the last minute?

Some people grow by accident. Things happen to them and they either survive or struggle. This is a stressful way to learn.

Some people schedule time to grow. That might be to learn new skills or develop existing ones, it might be to stretch their minds by exploring new ideas, or simply taking time to reflect on the moment. These people are less susceptible to stress because they are in control of their growth journey.

On the completion of a big project, do you schedule downtime to rest and reflect? Or do you wander aimlessly for a while, feeling lost without the pressure of a deadline?

Allowing ourselves time to learn and reflect, either in business or personally, is critical to managing stress and succeeding in our chosen endeavours. Let yourself grow.