Managing Time

There’s a reason I have always played team sport and exercised with friends. If it was up to me to schedule a gym session or go for a jog, then I know it just wouldn’t happen.

Recently, I was introduced to a clever concept by Chris Freeman (Design a Decade). He teaches that there are 3 types of time depending on who has control.

If you have to turn up to work at set hours, then others are in control of your time. If you are meeting a friend for coffee, then you jointly control the time you meet. When a decision is entirely up to you, then you are in control of time.

Turns out, being in control of our own time can be quite dangerous. I could choose to read a book, or I could mindlessly scroll social media. I could choose to do something that will benefit me in the future (exercise) or I could choose instant gratification (TV).

It helps if we think long-term about the impacts of our time decisions. Putting control of our time in the hands of others by booking in with personal trainers, coaches, and mentors is one way we can elevate the use of our self-time.

If there’s something you really want to achieve this year, can you share that commitment with a friend? Perhaps you could lock it in with a club membership or professional engagement?

Time has a habit of getting away from us. Thanks to Chris I have another tool for making the most of my time.