Making a Difference

Last Sunday, I played soccer as usual, but due to the mix of players available, I happened to play in 4 different positions over the course of the match. This was not a big deal, as I have played in all of those positions before, but each time I moved I had to reframe in my mind where I was on the field.

This meant checking who my nearest teammates were (for setting up triangles and passing), and ensuring I knew the opposition to defend against.

Do you have subs at work?

Sometimes business feels like a soccer match where you are constantly subbing on and off for players who are sick, holidaying, or injured.

When you do move into a new role, take the time to work out where you are on the field, who your teammates are, the partnerships you can develop, and of course who you need to defend against!

A simple sketch of you, your team and where you fit into the organisation can be very helpful, and even more so if you stretch that view outside your company. What’s going on that you need to be aware of?

The quicker you get your bearings in a new role, the sooner you can make an impact.