Look Back to Look Forward

Reflection is an important activity that we don’t always stop long enough to do. But it really is important to regularly take time to understand what we have achieved and check if that matches up with what we planned.

And reflection is not only about achievements, it’s also about the journey. Was it smooth and enjoyable or full of bumps and stops along the way?

As we reach the end of 2021 it might be a good time to do some reflection. Here’s a few prompts to help you:

  • What goals were set for 2021?
  • Was everyone on board?
  • What helped us speed up?
  • What slowed us down?
  • What took us by surprise?

Factor in your responses when planning for 2022 to eliminate or at least be better prepared for some of the speed bumps and detours that you may encounter on the next leg of your journey.