Life Goals or Work Goals

What’s it like to work at your company? Do you and your managers think about the alignment of an individual’s goals with company goals? Or are you too busy doing the doing; too busy playing small to grow and expand?

When an individual’s life goals are acknowledged and considered as part of their professional development and opportunities, research shows that this can lead to increased motivation to perform, and increased motivation and commitment to the organisation (Aguinis, H., Pierce, C.A.).

Successful organisations set goals based on long-term horizon, medium-term targets and 90-day cycles. But do they encourage their staff to do the same at a personal level?

Year after year, we might talk about New Year’s Resolutions, but unless we seriously set goals in our lives, we can find ourselves running on a treadmill, not getting anywhere. When we discover that time has passed and we haven’t achieved what we really want, there is potential for disappointment, and with that can come disillusionment and distraction.

It makes sense to me that individuals who are in touch with their personal values and align their personal goals with their work goals are going to be happy and productive employees. So it also makes sense that employers encourage their staff to explore their values and set personal goals.

We spend a lot of our life working, let’s make it the best experience we can.