Lessons from 2022

During the summer break I have been taking my own medicine and doing some analysis of wins and fails from last year, as part of the process for planning 2023. Here’s some of the biggest lessons.


The most fulfilling moments of the business year were when my focus shifted to being ‘in service’; to understanding my customers and how I could add best value to them.

I gathered a small team to work with me, and I shared my vision and goals for the year with them. This support team were inspired to be part of something bigger, and by the last quarter I was able to launch my book 10% Better.

It was a thrill to assist client teams to find their own purpose and set goals for their year and each quarter, and a bigger thrill to see their results.


My team helped me setup the internal processes and systems we needed to deliver more value to my clients. I realised that I couldn’t do everything myself and that I needed to entrust others with tasks and responsibilities.

Some of the programs I launched aimed at empowering my clients, with knowledge in management systems and expertise in problem solving and continual improvement.


Far from perfect, I realised that I was not consistently and proactively seeking feedback nor measuring my performance. My team and I built dashboards and reporting into our weekly processes, and I will be doing more on this with specific clients in 2023.

The programs and services I am offering in 2023 are a far cry from those I offered only a few years ago, aimed at delivering on some of my clients’ biggest needs, in a more professional and value-adding way.

The final lesson was that work can and should be fun! My workshops and training courses aim to be participatory, but I’ve learned the more fun they have, the more clients gain from the experience. Look out for more ‘fun’ in our interactions this year!