Know Your Values

Have you ever played sport with an ace player who hogs the ball and scores all the goals by themselves? Over my years playing and coaching team sport I have experienced this on a few occasions. Sometimes the team loves it because that player is the difference between winning and losing. Other times the team hates it because they don’t get to touch the ball.

Team Values Can Vary

The team reaction depends on what the team values. Some value ‘winning’ more than they value ‘team’. Neither is right or wrong, but the teams who don’t clarify and align their values can encounter disparity and even discontent and lack of commitment.

It is the same for organizations. Leadership within the organisation who go through the process of understanding and defining organisational values are better equipped to make aligned decisions.

Turn Values into Behaviours

Brene Brown in Dare to Lead talks about taking this one step further by operationalizing values into teachable and observable behaviours. Organisations that define example behaviours that either support or are counter to values are able to use these to train employees and hold them accountable.

People trust leaders who are consistent, who stick to their values no matter who’s listening. Being clear on your values can help you be consistent through those difficult situations and challenging moments that can arise in the workplace. Are you clear?