It’s Like Rain on Your Wedding Day

Last Friday, across Sydney and much of the east coast there was flash flooding as we received a battering of rain and intense storms. Over the weekend we saw flooding of the Hawkesbury region again, as other areas were restored to power and people cleaned up their properties.

During all this intense rain, I was attending a wedding! Despite the weather, everyone looked their best and we were all determined to have a good time.

As the happy couple exchange their traditional vows “in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health”, I was thinking about how the sickness and the bad times are the real test, not only in relationships but in any endeavour we take on as individuals and as leaders.

Recently, I have been reading The 5AM Club (Robin Sharma) which describes how high achievers take charge of that early part of the morning to deliver excellence for the rest of their day. It also goes on to say that if we only rise at 5am on the easy days, and skip the days when we’re tired, then we can only expect mediocre results.

What is it that you want to achieve? Make a plan for how to achieve it. Now think about all the things that will get in your way. Make a plan for how to work around them to achieve your goal.

Because it will rain. Then the sun will shine again.