Why ISO27001 is essential in 2018


Why ISO27001 in 2018?

ISO217001 is a complete package of technical, physical, and legal controls involved in an organisation’s information risk management processes. Before we dive into the question of Why ISO27001 is Essential in 2018? It is first important to know what ISO217001 is.


What is ISO27001?


ISO217001 is a recognised international Information Security standard helping organisations to practically handle their information security risk. For quite some time it has been an important concern for organisations to have an information management system that manages security risk.

However, organisations are confused about how to achieve and maintain their security standards. ISO27001 provides a standard approach to assess the risk and put controls in place.

Why Do Organisations Need ISO27001?

Your customers need to know they can count on their data being secure with you. Information Security is not an IT problem, rather it is a business issue that needs to be solved. For the effectiveness of business information security and risk management, it is vital to have a process that follows international  standards to reach solutions for problems. While organisations may have in place processes to achieve information security, those processes are not necessarily standardised.

ISO27001 certification ensures that Information Security standards which are set at an international level are followed and maintained. It enforces an understanding of your risks, and the management processes you need to put in place to control those risks.

How do we get certified to ISO27001?

Firstly you need to understand what information security risks you have, and then ensure you have policies and procedures in place to counter all the possible risks. Finally you need to test that those controls are effective in providing the security you (and your customers) require. When you are ready, then you bring in an external certification body to audit your systems.

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