Is Your Mower Self-Propelled?

Our mower broke this week ☹️

I’ve been chief lawn mower this past year, and I find it relatively easy because we have a self-propelled mower that helps on the slopes and hills in our suburban yard. But this week the cable broke that connects the motor to the wheels.

To resolve this we have a few options – outsource lawn mowing altogether 😊, buy a new mower, or repair ours. What is not an option for me is pushing the mower without the self-propulsion, as this is like pushing a mower with the brakes on!

What has all this got to do with me I hear you ask…Where in your business are you pushing a mower with the brakes on?

Perhaps you have an old piece of software that relies on someone constantly ‘fixing’ it. Perhaps you have a weak internal process where you do things differently every time. Perhaps you require staff to complete “compliance” activities that are not adding value to business operations. Perhaps you are struggling to engage your team and it feels like you are pushing ‘a mower’ uphill.

Where are your brakes on?

Take some time to list areas where it feels like the brakes are on, or at least where you wish there was some self-propulsion to help with the hills. Now think about what is creating the resistance. Is it the system? Is it the process? Is it team capabilities? Is it leadership or communication?

Whatever the source, there will be a solution. The first step is noticing when your mower is broken.