Influence For Good

Earlier this month I had the joy of seeing Lousie Mahler present a keynote at the #RMIA24 Conference. She is an amazing communicator who works with executives to develop their speaking and presentation, focussing on body language to deliver gravitas.

Richard Branson tells us that communication is the most important skill any Leader can possess.

In my experience this is true, and it is more important now than ever. Poor communication can not only send the wrong message, it can lead to mistrust from staff or management, impact productivity, and damage prospects of promotion within the organisation.

So why do we keep forgetting to train our people how to communicate?

Studies from the last century taught us that 70-93% of in-person communication is non-verbal. That is tone, body language, facial expressions, eye contact, and so on. These days so much in-person communication is taking place on video calls (or “video-off” calls), creating even more opportunity for confusion or misinterpretation.

Then there’s the monthly report! I have almost died of boredom reading some of the reports that have come across my desk over the years. I feel for the managers who are asking for them! Surely copious pages of black and white text are not conveying the information they seek, nor are they guiding any subsequent decisions or direction taken.

When we communicate, be it written or spoken, we need to think about the actual message to be conveyed, and how the receiver will best receive that message.

You might never choose to become a public speaker, but if you are managing others then you should be using considered and proven communication methods because you are influencing your team whether you realise it or not!