Recognise Sacrificial Acts

thank the team

We won our soccer match on Saturday 3-0. When I scored a goal, I ran over to the person who passed me the ball and high-fived in the air (Covid-style) and then pointed with a grin to the person who passed it to them. At full time our team congratulated our backs who worked hard to keep the ball away from the goal all match.

High Performance Teams

Last week I had the privilege of hearing Gilbert Enoka from the All Blacks speak about high performance teams. His words contained a plethora of wisdom that could equally be applied in the business world, with several points strongly resonating with me.

One of them was “recognize sacrificial acts”. Everyone in the team is valuable and the offload that sets up the try is as important as the try itself.

Recognise Sacrificial Acts

Where in your team are sacrificial acts being carried out? Do you have a way of recognizing the people who aren’t in the frontline kicking goals, but who are doing the work in the background to ensure those goals are set up? Some companies have a team player award, others make sure they say the words “thank you” or “well done” on a regular basis. You might like to say thank you to someone today.