Conscious Improvement

– Growing businesses need to continually revise their processes –


For Business Owners, CEOs and Directors who are taking their company on a journey from small to medium, or medium to large organisations, and who understand that what got them here won’t take them there!

    To grow from small to medium, or from medium to large, your organisation needs to continually refine its operational and management processes. As your business matures, you can’t keep doing what you’ve done as a smaller organisation.

    Sadly, many existing management systems were designed to meet old versions of the ISO standards, and are cumbersome, unwieldy and often still paper heavy.

    Equally discouraging is the fact that many companies that focus purely on compliance tend to stagnate. They might have moments once a year where everything is done perfectly, but in Lauren’s experience she has frequently found these companies have set standards for the wrong reasons that don’t serve the organisation.

    If you’re still working with a compliance focus instead of a maturity focus, then it might be time to overhaul your management system and seek better ways of working.


    • Review existing systems and processes to identify opportunities to optimise

    • Target and improve key processes required for business maturity

    • Increase customer satisfaction with quality of work and reporting

    • Reduce wasted time and energy by streamlining

    • Improve data analysis and ease of management review activities

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