– Shifting ISO compliance systems from a cost to a benefit –

Are you a CEO, MD, General Manager, Compliance Manager, HSEQ Manager:

  • Frustrated that your compliance is more of a cost than a benefit?
  • In need of ISO 9001? ISO 27001? Other ISO management systems?
  • Struggling to deliver a quality product or service?
  • Worried that your Compliance Manager is overloaded?
  • Unsure if your systems are a burden or business as usual?
  • Wanting compliance to speed the business up rather than slow it down

Lauren’s System Optimising Expertise

To move your business from ordinary to excellent requires the best systems and the best people. As James Clear stated in Atomic Habits: “You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems”. Yet so often compliance systems act merely as a cost and fail to bring real benefit to the business. By reviewing and optimising your systems you will eliminate frustration and waste and start to deliver optimum results.

With no organisation failing to achieve certification under Lauren’s guidance, she will help you remove the burden of an old-fashioned compliance-focused system, and enjoy the benefits of streamlined processes and information at your fingertips.

Certification requires commitment from top management. Lauren works with leaders to understand how their compliance requirements can be embedded into company processes to become a benefit … not a cost.

The goals?

Quality, health and safety, and environmental management systems designed to enhance your business operations whilst meeting all ISO requirements.

Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) to protect your data and allow your business growth.

System Enhancement Packages

Choose from 3 Offers:


Management System

for ISO certification

(6-9 Months)



Management System



Software to make it easy 


Management System Software

Lauren also offers organisations a cloud-based management system software (including an app for mobile workforce) with digital forms and automated workflows tailored to your processes. This software solution has been designed to meet all certification requirements to assist leaders to run businesses at an affordable price.

RENEWED SYSTEM: Management System Overhaul

Sadly, many existing management systems were designed to meet old versions of the ISO standards, and are cumbersome, unwieldy and often still paper heavy.

Equally discouraging is the fact that many companies that focus purely on compliance tend to stagnate. They might have moments once a year where everything is done perfectly, but in Lauren’s experience she has frequently found these companies have set standards for the wrong reasons that don’t serve the organisation.

The modern versions of the standards allow for interpretation of requirements to best suit your organisation and your type of operation.

If you’re still working with a compliance focus, then it might be time to overhaul your management system.

Deliverables summarised:

  • Review existing system to identify opportunities to optimise processes
  • Build organisational knowledge by working together to improve processes
  • Increase customer satisfaction with quality of work and reporting
  • Reduce wasted time and energy by streamlining systems
  • Improve data analysis and management review processes


MODERNISED SYSTEM: System Overhaul + 6 Mentoring Sessions

Not all organisations have qualified compliance professionals who are fully proficient in all the ISO standards and relevant legislation. Lauren works one-on-one with the HSEQ professional or assigned owner of the management system to build their expertise and knowledge, identify gaps in the system and finesse system implementation.

Deliverables summarised:

  • Review existing system to identify gaps and opportunities
  • Build professional knowledge and understanding of compliance requirements
  • Develop process approach to system development
  • Understand risk-based thinking
  • Become more strategic in system planning
  • Improve system implementation


You will walk away with:

  • A certified ISO management system for quality / health & safety / environment
  • OR ISO 27001 certification for Information Security, Cybersecurity and Privacy
  • A system that works for your business (not the other way around)
  • Engaged leadership and workforce
  • A continual improvement process that delivers results
  • Performance information at your fingertips