From Scrambled to Strategic

It’s 2021. Have you set objectives yet?

Are your objectives strategic or are you a bit scrambled? Look at the Priority Continuum illustrated. Write down where you think you currently sit. Are priorities scrambled (no idea), are they spontaneous (let’s focus on this know), are they strategic (long term, consistent, known). Are people divided and self-focused or are they united?

Are you above or below the line?


If you have no objectives your leadership/management style could be described as Scrambled, and your people DIVIDED. Neither you nor they have priorities, so they become self-focussed. Start to define objectives to capture the business direction for the next period.


You may have goals but you still react to issues that arise each day. It is vitally important to communicate the objectives to all team members so they understand the business priority.


When you start to be Structured you are developing some priorities, but these are not necessarily followed up or relate to the bigger picture. If you have multiple teams or division in the business, then the division/team leaders need to be empowered to clarify the objectives that are relevant to their team. For a small business, then the individuals in your team will respond directly to the Structure the objectives provide. Don’t give up at this point, as you’ve just moved above the line.


At this point you will start to be more Scrupulous with your time. The team now ask, “Will this achieve my objective?” Through regular check-ins, the team is clear on priorities.


Finally, when you employ a Strategic leadership approach, your objectives have a long term focus, relate to company strategy, and people are UNITED toward common goals. Measure achievement of each objective. 

Then restart the process by setting new objectives for the next period.