The Wobbles

Do you ever feel like you or your business has a case of the wobbles? Turns out it might not be such a bad thing.

Recently my Pilates instructor told me not to stop an exercise when I get the wobbles. Rather the wobbles was just an indication that my body had to learn to activate some of the lesser used muscles to work harder to retain balance, as I was too reliant on the same old muscles; some unused muscles needed to be switched on.

Do you ever feel like your business has a case of the wobbles? Or perhaps you as an individual? It’s not necessarily a sign that you must stop what you are doing, rather time to learn from what’s not going right, improve your processes, involve the right people, and maybe even empower others to step up and do their bit.

The important lesson here is that the wobbles is a form of feedback. If we ignore it, we may never be able to complete the exercise successfully. As a business leader it is not easy being told that something isn’t going right, or that we need to improve our people skills or project management skills or perhaps our strategic plans for the business.

Having a regular review process or ‘check-in’ in any of these areas will help you respond to the wobbles before you fall over, to ‘activate the lesser used muscles’ in yourself or in your business. Check-ins are used extensively in high performing businesses, for example in the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) process, in staff one-on-ones, and in leadership coaching.

Is your business utilizing check-ins to seek feedback and manage the wobbles?