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inspiring leaders, empowering teams, enhancing systems

Growth Through Goals

Are you looking to drive significant change and deliver exceptional results?

The Growth Through Goals program is designed to take your company or team through a journey of growth over a calendar or financial year, where you will see measurable change each quarter.

Think Big: Annual Strategic Planning

Stuck in small business mindset? 

Would you like to be more strategic?

Never get around to working ON the business?

Are you looking for clear steps to achieve the results you want?

Need to get others onboard and enthusiastic?

Do you want to think and act like big business?

Mentoring HSEQ Leaders

Enhance your leadership and boost your performance.
Learn to focus not only on compliance but also develop leadership skills such as communication, engagement, performance, influence and change management.
Making leaders invaluable assets to your business.

Finding Us: Your Values and Purpose

Culture needs to be your strategy.

Half or full day workshop to identify the core drivers behind your organisation.

  • align your teams’ values
  • identify preferred behaviours
  • make strategic decisions easier

Management Systems

Follow the Improve system for preparation of your management system to meet the requirements for ISO certification. As an expert at interpreting the ISO standards for application in your organisation, I guide you through the process and leave you with a system that helps your business and you think big.

Innovation & Problem Solving

Learn to think differently & be innovative when solving problems to improve quality and productivity in your organisation.

Testimonials & Reviews

“Improve Consulting helped us to successfully setup our Quality Management System, and obtain ISO9001 accreditation. Lauren’s knowledge and help throughout the process was invaluable.”

Maree Bertoldo, Roy Furniture

“Fantastic Service and Expert knowledge”

Daniel Alfonso, NPM

“Improve consulting assist us at every step for seeking NDIS approval to be an approved provider. The MD is a wonderful and knowledgeable person. The company provides us an unconditional level of service. Thank you so much Lauren.”

Neeraj Duggal, Healing Hands

James Carrick (Jim)
James Carrick (Jim)
23:26 04 May 20
Lauren has been professional and effective at guiding our business through ISO9001 QMS certification, as well as helping with other policies and procedures. I'd definitely recommend Improve Consulting.
Tammy Medhurst
Tammy Medhurst
03:10 28 Apr 20
Improve Consulting manages our Management Systems and ISO Accreditation and has been vital in improving our systems and processes. Improve Consulting provide a high level of professionalism and expertise. In addition to this Lauren Jones, Managing Director, also provides invaluable coaching and mentoring role to our employees.
Neeraj Duggal
Neeraj Duggal
22:40 28 Feb 17
Improve consulting assist us at every step for seeking NDIS approval to be a n approved provider. The MD is a wonderful and knowledgeable person. The company provides us an unconditional level of service. Thanks you so much Lauren
Marble Renewal
Marble Renewal
04:34 21 Feb 17
Improve Consulting are quite efficient when we need their assistant for urgent matters. Friendly and always happy to help out when needed.Their support has been great.
Aimee McInnes
Aimee McInnes
01:18 21 Feb 17
Improve Consulting managed the implementation of our Quality Management system and assisted us in obtaining our ISO accreditation. The support and training she provided our staff over the process was priceless. Staff responded well to her kind and supportive nature.
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