Conscious Improvement

What area of your business isn’t running as smoothly as you’d like? What frustrations or delays or errors are you continually putting up with?

An improvement program requires a conscious decision to address the inefficiencies and roadblocks that crop up, and should be part of the tactics to deliver on your strategic plan.


Think of a tennis player. Their strategy might be to win Wimbledon, but how will they do it? Sure they start by competing in local competitions and work up to the grand slams, but they also have a conscious plan to improve each and every stroke, their fitness, their endurance and every other element of their game as part of that journey.

Rarely do they wait until they have perfect fitness and perfect strokes to enter competitions (the Williams sisters may be the exception here). All players keep developing their skills and expanding their strengths as players.


How does this relate to your business? Each process within an organisation is like a tennis stroke. Analyse it to find out if you should change your grip, extend your back swing, or follow through more. Are you taking too many steps before you hit the ball, or are you hitting the ball too early?

You might not know which process to start with, but I bet if you polled your team you would have a good list to start with. Your strategy might be growth, scaling or expansion, but to deliver it what process are you going to consciously improve?