Businesses Grow

I’ve been working with a few businesses lately that are on a growth trajectory. They have been working with an outline of processes and systems that is temporarily appropriate for a smaller organisation, but now they are ready to grow to the next level these need to mature. They need clear standards for how the business will operate going forward.

For entrepreneurs, this can be a challenging time as businesses often start out with blurred lines of responsibility. There seem to be a few steps to improve this. First is the letting go of doing everything by hiring staff with expertise to fill the known gaps. Then there is being able to identify the unknown gaps. This is where audits and expert advice can be of help.

The result should be tighter processes, clearer roles and responsibilities, and systems to make it easier to deliver. Business owners and managers need to draw a line in the sand at this point, saying “This is how we do things around here”.

The journey from small business to medium business to large business will go through multiples of these growth phases, readjusting their processes and their systems to be appropriate to the size and scale of their operations.

Where is your business?