Attention Management


Do you struggle to get everything done in a day? Is time management a struggle for you? Do you feel that for much of the time you are just a little out of control? Perhaps it’s not managing time that you are struggling with but rather your attention management.

When is Your Best Time to Focus

There are periods in the day where you will find it easier to focus and others where you struggle to concentrate. Don’t blow your most productive hours checking emails (or dare I say it, looking at Social Media). But you should schedule time to regularly clear emails. Once a week won’t cut it – they will become overwhelming and no-one is productive when they feel overwhelmed.

When you are in serious concentrating mode, you need techniques for avoiding distractions. Avoid external distractions by turning off your phone and email for a period of time, and decline meetings where you aren’t going to add value by attending.

Have a method for capturing ideas that disrupt your thoughts so that you can go back to them later. This might be a notepad beside you or an App on your phone or PC.

Schedule Your Attention

Over the next week take note of your best times for maintaining attention and focus, and of your worst. Use that information for scheduling your week to optimize thinking time and try to hold meetings when you are less likely to work productively on your own. Intersperse your day with email management during periods of medium focus to ensure you keep emails under control.