About Me


I’m Lauren Jones

Hi. My name is Lauren Jones and I’ve spent the last 30 years building my career in engineering, manufacturing, training, volunteering and more. I started as an electrical engineer in petrochemical manufacturing where I quickly moved into operations management. During that period the importance of quality assurance, health and safety, and environmental compliance became ingrained, while I developed important leadership skills heading an operations team. Progressing to management systems for ISO compliance and facilitating strategic objective setting workshops was a natural progression.

I love working with C level executives, business owners and leaders at all levels. I’ve seen terrific success with clients multiplying in size as I work with them facilitating their strategy, training their leaders, developing and refining their systems, and continuously improving their businesses.

I help leaders elevate their businesses through Strategy, Systems and Leadership.

Presently I am completing my first book “10% Better” which will be available in 2022. 

My passion is for engaging people in this process, gaining their buy-in and having them own their contribution to the overall success of the organisation. I help them do this by identifying and closing any gaps in leadership and team alignment, developing processes and systems, training the people involved and helping leadership build a unified culture necessary to shift to bigger thinking and results.

What makes me a little different is my deep understanding of how to turn compliance from a cost into a benefit. My natural curiosity and experience make me realise there is a lot more than ‘box ticking’ to help clients improve their profit, processes, and productivity. As a trusted observer with a technical background, a good ear, a gentle ‘sticky beak’, a clear mind and talent for facilitation, I find people listen to me and seek my counsel. I have the good fortune of wonderful clients who trust and allow me to listen to their problems, tailor my services to best help them and prove my tried-and-tested theories and processes within their living, breathing and growing businesses. It’s a privilege.

Working with me is a bit like building a bridge between your strategy and your team.

A recent client, who is a significant player in the construction industry, was struggling to engage the leadership team in driving meaningful quality, safety and environmental improvement. They brought me in to facilitate objective setting and we turned this around and rapidly gained momentum with their initiatives.

So, what I offer is a range of services across strategic facilitation, skills development, systems implementation, and continual improvement that increase clarity and focus on outcomes, build efficiency and profitability whilst reducing confusion, risk, and wasted resources and energy.

Working with leaders of businesses I notice they are often-times in overwhelm, having to deal with change, cynical team leaders, lack of buy-in from staff without the measures in place to track productivity and success. Many are frustrated, dealing with internal conflict, and worrying about failure and the direction the company is taking.


This is why I’ve developed my INSPIRE, EMPOWER and ENHANCE suite of services that help organisations keep focused and motivated on outcomes, their people aligned and skilled, their systems optimised, with metrics in place for feedback and conscious improvement. It’s about turning Ordinary to Excellence, and I look forward to working with you.







Aim for Excellence.