5 Tips for Ergonomics at Home

Some of my clients have had office staff working from home for 4 weeks now. We need to realise that this may continue for some time. This means it’s time to be sure the ‘home office’ is as ergonomically set up as possible. how are the ergonomics at your home?

Many staff have taken home monitors, and some even took chairs and desks. Others just went home with the laptop and continue to work hunched over, peering at a tiny little screen for 8 hours per day.

If you haven’t set some guidelines for your staff, then now is the time for you to ensure they are looking after their posture. Here’s 5 tips for better ergonomics at home:

1.Feet on the Floor

No working in bed or lying on the floor, or sitting on a stool where your feet are dangling mid-air. Your feet should be firmly on the floor or an appropriate footrest. If standing use a softer surface underfoot.

2.Elbows at 90°

Set up your work height and position the keyboard so that your elbows are roughly at 90° most of the time.

3.Eyes at top of monitor

You should be looking at the top third of your monitor when looking straight ahead. If using a laptop then elevate it on a stand or a pile of books. If these means you need a second keyboard – go get one!

4.Stay at arm’s length

The optimum distance is to keep the monitor about an arm’s length from your face. If you are squinting or leaning forward, try enlarging the view to make it easier on your eyes.

5.Take regular breaks

The distractions of home probably make this last point redundant, but when taking a break, don’t go from one screen to another. Take a walk or run to use your muscles, get your blood pumping and bring fresh air into your lungs.

Do all of these to improve your ergonomics at home and look after yourself and your staff.

Picture courtesy of thegoodemployee