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– empowered teams –

– enhanced systems –

Lauren helps leaders look to the future,

and build resilient and sustainable businesses to take them there.

Lauren’s passion is for engaging people in this process, gaining their buy-in and having them own their contribution to the overall success of the organisation. She helps them do this by identifying and clasing any gaps in leadership and team alignment, developing processes and systems, training the people involved and helping leadership build a unified culture necessary to shift to bigger thinking and results.

What makes Lauren different is her

passion for making your business a success.

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With Lauren’s suite of services, organisation are able to keep focused and motivated on outcomes, their people aligned and skilled, their systems optimised, with metrics in place for feedback and conscious improvement


Business systems that open doors to drive revenue.

Essential processes for business growth.

Certification to ISO 9001 and other standards.

Lauren Jones Inspiring your Leaders for excellence


Impactful planning process to drive future performance.

Make the shift from reactive to strategic

Leverage your ISO systems to deliver real benefits.

Enhance systems and profits Lauren Jones


Real skills for creating thriving organisations.

Essential skills for leading others.

Networking with other leaders.


10% BETTER: Taking Ordinary Organisations to Excellence

My new book 10% BETTER: Taking ordinary organisations towards excellence is now available.

It fundamentally answers the questions: what would it mean for your organisation to be 10% better; and what would this mean to your bottom line?

In my book I explore three pillars for achieving this.

The first is around INSPIRING your people. Now this is a great word … but what does it mean and how do you actually do this? I delve into this in my book.

The second pillar is around EMPOWERING your people. There are two elements to this: the first is around having systems that enable people to work to their best, not systems that slow them down and frustrate them. The second part is elevating people’s capabilities through training, mentoring and opportunities to develop.

The third pillar is ENHANCING your systems. This is about putting in place structured feedback processes to review the data and improve the way you are doing things to grow your business.

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