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Lauren helps leaders build sustainable business, through conscious improvement, for increased profitability

Lauren’s passion is for engaging people in this process, gaining their buy-in and having them own their contribution to the overall success of the organisation. She helps them do this by identifying and clasing any gaps in leadership and team alignment, developing processes and systems, training the people involved and helping leadership build a unified culture necessary to shift to bigger thinking and results.

What makes Lauren different is her

deep understanding of how to turn

compliance from a cost into a benefit.

What makes Lauren different is her deep understanding of how to turn compliance from a cost into a benefit.

Lauren’s Suite of Services

With Lauren’s developed INSPIRE, EMPOWER and ENHANCE suites of services, organisation are able to keep focused and motivated on outcomes, their people aligned and skilled, their systems optimised, with metrics in place for feedback and conscious improvement

Lauren Jones Inspiring your Leaders for excellence


Facilitated workshops tailored for your organisation to engage and align your team, understanding values and purpose.

Create ownership for strategic plans, and feedback processes that deliver results.


Empower your people with optimised processes, leading edge systems, and leadership skills to allow them to deliver their best.

Coaching and mentoring for senior leaders, quality and safety managers.

Enhance systems and profits Lauren Jones


Great organisations are ‘tirelessly tweaking’ to stay market leaders.

Embed a continual improvement culture through team training, facilitated problem solving, and simplified routine review processes.

'It's been so inspiring to have a trusted outsider looking in and giving helpful and relevant direction to this large endeavour of reviewing and revising our whole system in a short amount of time.'

- Brianna McDade,HSEQ Manager at National Technical Services Pty Ltd

One of the most productive workshops I've ever had the pleasure to be part of.

-Shane Conlon, Managing Director, National Technical Services

'Lauren helped us improve our systems in a relevant and meaningful way. She challenged the way I thought about our system requirements in a great way'

-Brianna McDade - HSEQ Manager at National Technical Services Pty Ltd

'This has helped us convert ISO 9001 compliance from a time-consuming burden to a useful improvement medium.'

-Robin Russell, Managing Director, Robin Russell & Associates


10% BETTER: Taking Ordinary Organisations to Excellence


My new book 10% BETTER: Taking ordinary organisations towards excellence will be launching in the coming months and I cannot tell you how excited I am to bring this to you.  

It fundamentally answers the questions: what would it mean for your organisation to be 10% better; and what would this mean to your bottom line?  

In my book I explore three pillars for achieving this.  

The first is around INSPIRING your people. Now this is a great word … but what does it mean and how do you actually do this? I delve into this in my book.

The second pillar is around EMPOWERING your people. There are two elements to this: the first is around having systems that enable people to work to their best, not systems that slow them down and frustrate them. The second part is elevating people’s capabilities through training, mentoring and opportunities to develop.  

The third pillar is ENHANCING your systems. This is about putting in place structured feedback processes to review the data and improve the way you are doing things to grow your business.  

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Risky Business

Risky Business

Ever done something that scared you?
I used to ride mountain bikes in the bush before I had kids. By the year 2000 I was building up good technical skills and could ride up and down jumps that scare me to look at these days. Recently on a local bushwalk I found a very steep track with extremely long jumps that kids have built, and it absolutely terrifies me!

The Expert Leader

The Expert Leader

n my work with a multitude of organisations, I’ve found there are 2 types of people who tend to be responsible for quality, environment and safety management systems. Acknowledging the great work these people do, this article explores potential opportunities for development of their skills to optimize system implementation.

Empowering Others

Empowering Others

Apparently the word ‘empower’ is a bit overdone. But in my experience it is often not done enough! To empower someone is to give them the authority or power to do something, and to make them stronger and more confident.

Lauren Jones Leadership strategy Inspire Empower Enhance

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